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Why Should You Choose Cosmeceutical Skincare?

Shopping for skincare can be an overwhelming task—with so many brands, formulas and solutions on the market. But for truly transformative results, there is one category that delivers the glowing skin goods: cosmeceuticals.

Put simply, cosmeceutical skincare is where cosmetics meet pharmaceuticals—and every formula is usually defined by its active ingredients, each selected for their specific benefits. Unlike your regular run-of-the-mill products, cosmeceutical skincare works on a cellular level and often contains high levels of antioxidants, plant extracts or peptides that influence the skin and cause it to behave in a certain way.


The Benefits Of Cosmeceutical Skincare

Ability to target specific skin concerns
No matter your primary skin concern—ageing, acne, hyperpigmentation or loss of elasticity—cosmeceuticals contain high levels of active ingredients to deliver real results. As cosmeceuticals are scientifically formulated and often clinically proven, the results speak for themselves.

Suitable for all skin types
A common misconception is that cosmeceutical skincare is harsh or irritating—when in reality, cosmeceuticals can be beneficial for all skin types as formulas come in different strengths and can contain a wide diversity of active ingredients. While some cosmeceuticals contain ingredients like retinol (which may be irritating for more sensitive skin types), other actives such as hyaluronic acid or vitamin C are incredibly gentle and beneficial for most complexions.

Improves skin tone & texture
By working deep into the dermis, cosmeceuticals can not only treat existing skin concerns—such as acne, dry skin or dullness—but by influencing our cells, cosmeceuticals can change the way our skin behaves, making it more resilient and resistant to future damage.

Combats the visible signs of ageing
One of the biggest drawcards of cosmeceutical skincare is its ability to treat, prevent and protect skin from the effects of ageing. Often formulas contain potent actives that not only target existing signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation—but they also encourage cellular turnover and teach cells how to be healthier and look younger.

The Priori Difference

While every brand has its own unique philosophy and approach to cosmeceutical skincare—at Priori, we have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in this exciting category as the first cosmeceutical brand to develop ADAPTIVE SKINCARE.

We recognise that our skin can look, feel and behave in a different way from day to day—which is why our adaptive skincare philosophy uses multi-layered ingredient technology to read your skin, decode its needs and respond in real time. The result? Your skin pulls exactly what it needs, when it needs it for your most radiant, resilient skin.

Our complexes are our ‘superhero’ ingredients and have been developed to correct, renew, normalise and improve skin—for multiple benefits, superior results and increased adaptive qualities.

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