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3 Reasons To Double Cleanse

3 Reasons To Double Cleanse

Like brushing your teeth, cleansing is a necessary part of everyday life—and if it isn’t for you, then you’ve definitely landed in the right place!

As the first step in any successful skincare routine, cleansing can mean something different to everyone. While one might consider cleansing a critical step in removing their makeup, another—specifically men—might think that splashing a little warm water on their face to be a job well done. Unfortunately, however, neither of these ‘cleansing’ methods are sufficient.

In fact, at Priori we not only advocate for cleansing as the first step in your skincare routine—but we also recommend a double cleanse for even better results. Here are three reasons why…

Removing Your Makeup Isn’t Enough
While rinsing off your makeup after a long day is undoubtedly a feat to be celebrated, it’s not really enough to properly clean your face. Even if you don’t wear much makeup—or any at all—double cleansing is still of benefit to you. The first cleanse literally just removes the grime, grit and impurities of the day off your skin—including makeup, sweat, oil, pollution, dirt and debris. The second cleanse, however, is what actually cleans your skin!

Your Skincare Products Will Absorb Better
It sounds obvious, but double cleansing ensures that your skin is a blank canvas and that there’s not an ounce of dirt left. It’s also during the second round of cleansing that you’ll experience that lovely tingly sensation that tells you your face is properly clean. With the top layer of dirt and debris rinsed away, your cleanser is able to penetrate your skin more deeply and do its job more efficiently, polishing your pores and leaving them ready to absorb the rest of your products in your skincare routine. As a side note: you don’t always have to double cleanse in the morning if you’re short on time, but it’s undoubtedly essential in the PM.

Your Skin Will Improve
With your hardworking serums, masks and moisturisers now able to penetrate more deeply into your skin’s dermis, you’ll undoubtedly see better results. Choosing the correct cleanser for your skin type and skin concerns is obviously key—but selecting from Priori’s range of adaptive, science-based solutions is a surefire way to achieve skin success.

Here’s a breakdown of our fave formulas to help you find the right one for you:

Normal Skin: TTC fx310 Naturally Enriched Cleanser

Oily Skin: Q+SOD fx210 Active Cleanser

Sensitive Skin: LCA fx110 Gentle Cleanser 

TTC fx310 - Naturally Enriched Cleanser

Q+SOD fx210 - Active Cleanser

LCA fx110 - Gentle Cleanser

Converted to double cleansing? The next step for glowing skin is exfoliation so explore our full range here.

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