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Introducing Genetic Protection Factor

Introducing Genetic Protection Factor

The new PF that will change the way you think about skin protection...

We all know the benefits of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and how it’s the most critical part of sunscreen. But guess what? There’s a new PF in town and it’s exclusive to Priori. Meet GPF—or, Genetic Protection Factor™.


As the name suggests, it’s all about protecting your genes, or DNA. 


What Do We Need To Protect Our Genes From?

The short answer is all different types of light and free radicals. While this might seem simple, it’s astonishing how many different types of light there actually are—as well as the depths of damage they can cause. 


Here’s a simple breakdown…

Light consists of the following: physical (whether that’s real light outside or artificial inside), blue light (HEV or High Energy Visible Light) and infrared. All of these can penetrate the skin to varying degrees and contribute to a variety of damage. UVA hits the skin deep enough to cause DNA oxidation, but visible light and infrared hit the deepest and cause the most destruction in the form of free radical formation and premature skin ageing. In fact, more than half of the energy the sun emits is infrared.


SPF Is Not Enough To Protect Your DNA
Truth be told, in our modern society with technology and urban living, our genetic defense simply struggles to keep up with the constant attack. While sunscreen can stop around 55 percent of free radicals from entering our systems—free radicals are naturally created by the body in times of stress and external factors such as pollution which are impossible to avoid entirely.


What Does GPF Do Exactly?

Well, it protects against all that SPF protects against, and then some:

  • Pollution
  • Infrared
  • HEV Blue Light
  • Free Radicals
  • DNA Damage
  • Physical Light


Genetic Protection Factor | Priori Skincare


While the concept of genetic protection isn’t entirely new to Priori—as we’ve included DNA Repair Enzymes in some of our products from the very beginning—this new formula has a little extra something. We’ve developed a new ingredient to block out the hardest thing to protect the skin from—HEV or blue light—an antioxidant called Soliberine.


Derived from a plant called Buddleja officinalis, or the Butterfly Bush, it works to specifically guard the skin from 45 percent of the free radicals caused by our electronics. But that’s not all! It has also been shown to increase the production of elastin, limit inflammation and inhibit hyperpigmentation caused by UV rays.


To find out more about GPF, click here.

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