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Self-Care 101: Make Yourself A PRIORIty

Self-Care 101: Make Yourself A PRIORIty

The term ‘self-care’ has certainly taken on different meanings and purposes over the years. While once it probably referred to simply maintaining basic hygiene—in recent years, it has evolved into somewhat of a movement, encompassing everything from the enjoyment of a glass of wine after work, to meditation, journaling and wellness retreats.

No matter its form, however, with the state of the world as it is, self-care is more important than ever before. While we also acknowledge how easy it can be for self-care to slip to the bottom of the to-do list—we can’t emphasise enough the importance of taking the time to care for your physical and mental wellbeing. 

To help you PRIORItise yourself, if you will, we’ve put together some of our top tips to get you started…


There’s no question that putting your thoughts and feelings on paper can be very therapeutic but its benefits are also scientifically proven. In fact, studies show that journaling can not only have a positive benefit on our memory and communication skills, but it has also been shown to bolster our immune system and improve sleep quality. In the morning, try writing down a few things you’re grateful for and then in the evening, spend time noting your thoughts from the day or writing a to-do list for tomorrow.


Exercise Regularly
There’s nothing like moving your body to make you feel better! Whether you opt for a calming yoga session or more intense HIIT workout, the benefits of regular exercise are countless. Not only does physical activity reduce your risk of chronic diseases, but it’s also been proven to improve overall psychological wellbeing and quality of life.

Take A Bath
Is there anything more relaxing than a bath? We think not. Maximise your soak time by tossing in your favourite bath bomb, light a few candles and wind down. 


Stay Hydrated
You probably don’t think of drinking water as an act of self-care—but it is! While reaching for the bottle of red every evening might be your go-to stress reliever, keeping your body well-hydrated is the key to optimal health—as well as glowing skin. Plus, drinking plenty of water also helps to balance out the dehydrating side effects of your chosen drop on days you do choose to indulge a little. 


Read A Book
Sometimes all you need to switch your mind off is to dive into a good book and be transported into another world. Whether you reread an old classic or dive into a new genre—there’s nothing better than an afternoon spent tucked up on the couch with a great read to help your mind wander and your body relax.


Master Meditation
If the thought of meditating has felt a little too ‘woo-woo’ for you in the past, or you’ve tried it and simply haven’t been able to turn off your thoughts—the good news is that these days, there are plenty of ways to meditate. It’s no longer about sitting in silence on a cushion, trying to quieten your loud mind. With countless types of mindfulness and meditation practices on offer and apps that offer guided meditations, sleep stories and inspiring talks—there are lots of accessible ways to dip a toe in. There is also good reason to persist with a meditation practice as the benefits are as diverse as helping to reduce blood pressure, alleviate stress, depression and anxiety, improve symptoms of insomnia and even reduce chronic pain. 


Indulge In Your Favourite Skincare Routine
There’s nothing more satisfying or soothing than taking the time to go through all your skincare steps and see your gorgeous glowing complexion reflected back at you. To help get your started, we at Priori have created three key skincare kits to suit your needs and integrate into your daily self-care routine. 


The Essentials Kit
Perfect for those who’ve been neglecting their skincare regime or simply want to kickstart a new one—this kit is for the skincare enthusiast. Bring a little life back to your skin with our AHA-infused products, designed for dramatic results.


The Essentials Kit

The Retexturising Kit
Say goodbye to those dead skin cells and upgrade your routine by adding these skincare essentials to your repertoire to exfoliate and hydrate skin. The good news is this kit is also perfect for any skin type!


The Retexturising Kit

The Glowing Kit
Let your skin shine with these products formulated to balance, exfoliate and brighten. A trio that’s perfect for a skin in need of a pick-me-up!

The Glowing Kit
Explore Priori’s full range of Travel Kits here.

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