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The End Of Anti-Ageing

The End Of Anti-Ageing

It’s no secret that the beauty industry is booming—and that one of the most searched for terms is ‘anti-ageing’. 

From anti-ageing skincare to anti-ageing versus anti-wrinkle… to what is anti-ageing skincare and when to start an anti-ageing skincare routine? The search terms surrounding this hot topic are endless—and as a result, the number of products formulated to service this market every year are also countless. 

By definition, the term anti-ageing refers to a product or technique that is specifically designed to prevent the appearance of getting older. Usually such products claim to promise the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and promote increased healthy cell renewal. But while some of the formulas may work—what doesn’t work? The term anti-ageing itself. It’s literally against ageing.

A few years ago, Allure magazine rocked the beauty industry by banning this almost derogatory term, emphasising that “beauty is not something just for the young.” While some found the decision unnecessary or too extreme, the majority found it timely, positive and most of all, encouraging. Since then, the beauty industry has undoubtedly evolved with many brands and publications following suit.

But although there is far more diversity, acceptance, acknowledgement and equality across the beauty industry these days, at Priori we still prefer to replace anti-ageing with the more welcoming, science-backed term: adaptive. In fact, across our website you’ll see that we very rarely focus on ‘anti-ageing’ and instead talk to the benefits of adaptive skincare technology


So, What Is Adaptive Skincare?
Put simply, adaptive skincare enables your skin to pull exactly what it needs, when it needs it. Every Priori product has been designed to recognise the innate intelligence of your skin and using the latest bio-technology, we are able to deliver formulas that respond to your skin chemistry, genetics and your environment. With eight key complexes—these superhero ingredients contain advanced adaptive properties which correct, renew, normalise and improve skin on a cellular level. 

Given that our skin is also our body’s largest organ, it makes sense to provide it with the most nourishing, active ingredients possible in order to experience radiant, resilient skin every single day—no matter your age, skin type or skin concern.


Ageing Is Inevitable
We all know this to be true—but at Priori, we also believe that ageing is not a process that should be feared. Instead, our goal is to develop products that are clinically proven to make you look and feel your best—at any age. Instead of having to buy new products every year to target the specific beauty ‘woes’ that accompany the ageing process, our products work synergistically to adapt to your skincare needs as they evolve throughout each season—and throughout your life. It’s skin science, made simple.

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