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The 5 Best Antioxidants For Your Skin

The 5 Best Antioxidants For Your Skin

We all know how good antioxidants are for our bodies—especially considering they’re predominantly found in fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. 

But in recent years, antioxidants have also become a bit of a buzzword in the beauty industry because while they’re important when ingested internally, they boast a whole range of benefits when applied topically, too. 

Put simply, antioxidants are naturally-occurring vitamins or minerals that protect your skin against the damaging effects of free radicals—unstable compounds that break down the collagen in our skin, damage our DNA and effectively exacerbate the effects of ageing.

Unfortunately, however, no single antioxidant can do it all! Just as it’s important to focus on a balanced diet full of a diversity of antioxidants to reap the most rewards, when applied topically, different antioxidants provide different benefits. Here’s our list of the top five that are best for your skin...


CoEnzyme Q10

Commonly referred to as CoQ10, this important antioxidant is naturally found in the human body and plays a critical role in providing energy to our cells. When applied topically, it has also been found to penetrate deep into the skin’s epidermis—providing long-lasting results! It works to reduce free radical damage, increase antioxidant capacity and has even been shown to reduce the oxidative damage caused by UV rays (which contributes to skin cancer) and decrease wrinkle depth. Sign us up!

Recommended product: Q+SOD fx220 Brightening Serum


Q+SOD fx220 - Brightening Serum

Super Oxide Dismutase
Simply known as SOD in the skincare world, this powerhouse enzyme is known for neutralising the superoxide free radical—aka the most harmful type of free radical found in the body. It’s most often found in products that claim to combat the signs of ageing, but it’s actually one of the most crucial antioxidants for skin types of any age as its unmatched ability to reduce free radical damage, assist with wound healing, protect against UV rays and prevent wrinkles, fine lines and age spots is mindblowing. 

Recommended product: Q+SOD fx240 Moisturising Crème


Q+ SOD fx240 - Moisturising Crème

Vitamins A, C & E
Okay, so we know this is technically cheating—but there’s a reason why so many skincare products incorporate more than one of these ingredients in their formula: they work better together! All are antioxidants, but each boast their own unique benefits. While Vitamin A is arguably the most beneficial for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles due to containing retinol, Vitamin C brightens skin and supports collagen formation while Vitamin E is deeply nourishing and moisturising. When combined, Vitamins C and E work best together—just use caution when combining A with C if you have sensitive skin.

Recommended product: LCA fx140 Barrier Restore Complex


LCA fx140 - Barrier Restore Complexe

It’s no secret that turmeric—and its active ingredient, curcumin—have countless health, beauty and wellbeing benefits. But when applied topically, this incredible ingredient seems to have magical powers! Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, this super spice heals, protects and brightens skin by inhibiting tyrosinase which causes pigmentation. Trust us, adding this powerful ingredient to your skincare repertoire will set you up for skin success.

Recommended product: TTC fx320 Illumination Treatment


TTC fx320 - Illumination Treatment


While you’re likely getting an abundance of these beauties from all the colourful fruits and veggies in your diet, when applied topically, the benefits provided are a whole different ball game. Derived from plants, flavanoids are the compounds that protect plants from environmental stressors and they have the same effect on us. Currently there are around 6000 flavanoids—and in skincare, two of the most common and effective are grapeseed and green tea extract. The latter is particularly rich in polyphenols which protect and repair skin from free radical and DNA damage, while grapeseed contains vitamins C and E which nourish and moisturise skin. It has also been shown to assist with wound healing and improve cell structure. Both also help to stabilise collagen and strengthen blood vessels for more resilient skin.

Recommended product: TTC fx310 Naturally Enriched Cleanser

TTC fx310 - Naturally Enriched Cleanser
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