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The Skin Benefits Of Turmeric

The Skin Benefits Of Turmeric

While you may be familiar with turmeric as a key ingredient in your favourite chicken masala recipe—this super spice has also been making waves in the health and wellness industry for several years.

It wasn’t until recently, however, that the beauty world truly cottoned on to its many benefits and now, it has become one of the most searched for ingredients in skincare. With its origins in the Vedic culture in India, turmeric has been widely used for over 4000 years and is famed for its therapeutic and medicinal properties. The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, is regularly used to assist with oxidative and inflammatory conditions, arthritis and anxiety and these days, it seems there is very little that turmeric can’t do!

With so much interest and research in this vibrant yellow spice, we at Priori became even more fascinated with the potential benefits of utilising this potent antioxidant topically. Having been prescribed topically in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries—commonly as a paste—turmeric is traditionally used to heal skin wounds, bruises, relieve congestion and calm irritation. Its antibacterial and antioxidant profile is unmatched and was all the inspiration we needed to create our Triple Turmeric Complex.

Here’s everything you need to know…

The Benefits Of TTC

To truly harness the benefits of this incredible spice, Priori created TTC (or, Triple Turmeric Complex) which combines three turmeric actives with green tea, grapeseed and licorice for multifunctional adaptive action. Working synergistically, this complex provides the skin with a potent boost of antioxidants, helps reduce inflammation and decreases redness to brighten the skin.

The good news is, too, that this complex won’t leave your face with the infamous golden yellow tint the spice is most well-known for. In creating TTC, we utilise the naturally colourless, super-potent extract from the yellow curcuminoids called Tetrahydrocurcuminoids CG or THC (not to be confused with the THC found in cannabis!). These THC molecules are more active than regular curcumin and more bioavailable. They also provide a multitude of skin benefits, including:

Protection against free radicals
Research shows that THC exhibits higher antioxidant activity than regular curcumin, combating the damaging—and ageing—effects of free radicals. It has also been shown to have superior free radical scavenging ability, which ultimately means more protected, resilient skin.

UVB defense
Another incredible benefit of turmeric in skincare is its ability to provide protection against UVB photodamage—and promote DNA repair activity.

Skin brightening
Often utilised for its ‘whitening’ benefits, turmeric is also a potent skin brightener, helping to reverse hyperpigmentation and promote a more evenly toned complexion. This incredible adaptive quality leaves you with beautifully glowing skin.

With a full range of products dedicated to the potent properties of turmeric, Priori’s TTC line is the perfect option for those looking to experience the superior adaptive qualities of professional skincare, without the harsh chemicals or ingredients that can be found in some formulas. Incorporating all natural, clean ingredients, the TTC line includes seven core products that work together for brighter, more radiant skin. To experience the benefits, start with our TTC fx320 Illumination Treatment which works as a hydrating corrector to minimise the appearance of age or sun spots and even-out any pigmentation. The result? Smooth, illuminated, bright skin.


Explore Priori’s TTC formulas here.

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